Web Analytics

Get your web analytics setup exceed industry standards. Leverage big data & data science methods that increase your speed to deep insights.

We specialize in all major open source and paid web analytics tools implementation and usage. We also deploy a no-tag approach that can drastically cut your time to deep visitor & customer insights.

Web Analytics is much more than free Google Analytics installation that provides basic page visits data and dashboards. We help with detailed event tracking and correlation analysis on why something is happening or not.

If your business relies on digital interactions, then it is pertinent that you have your tagging setup and data infrastructure setup right to be able to slice and dice it and answer all business queries. We can help across that spectrum.

Many times standard tools cannot suffice your requirements & you may need custom data infrastructure setup & integrations with CRM systems. This is our expertise along with setting up a no tagging effort based clickstream data collection and analytics to provide deeper visitor and customer insights.

Our Services

Web Analytics Audit & Set-up

Web Analytics implementations are often flawed or do not collect all the essential data across your site and app. Sometimes, the tags misfire or are even missing. We can check all this and make your implementation top notch giving you more confidence on the data being collected.

Digital Customer Data Infrastructure

Canned web analytics reports are just the tip of the iceberg. Many organizations need access to the raw digital analytics data that they can join with the rest of their customer data and use for deep analytics. We can set this up using big data technologies that collect all events data without the need to tag them individually.

Reports and Dashboards

Well, everyone loves reports and dashboards. If your need includes joining multiple data sources, pulling data using various APIs, developing retina ready, cool visualizations and stunning dashboards that you would love to host on large TV screens at times, then ping us!

Deep dive analysis

Taken care of all data, reports and dashboard – well, what about analysis? Looking at aggregate numbers do not move your numbers. Analysing them deeply and identifying trends and insights for change does. We can use whatever tools of trade you have here or come with our own – this is our forte and where we have spent our lifetimes in till now!

Our Clients

Case Study

Case study demonstrating usage of auto tagging methodology to gather clickstream data quickly and analyzing it using visualizations

  • Background

    A BFSI client wanted to better understand the online application journey of prospects visiting its site.

  • Approach & Analysis

    We deployed our auto tracker & quickly gathered data for analysis without needing any event tags. We could analyze the journeys, forms & calculators to pinpoint what was holding sales online. We provided session recordings 'showing' where visitors were stuck.

  • Impact

    The analysis informed their journey re-design efforts & lead to a significant lift in online sales & visitor conversion without increasing digital marketing spends.

  • sankey diagram journey analysis
  • form analytics
  • screen recording

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