Digital Transformation

Digital Startup Consulting

Get your digital startup savvier using best practices and latest technologies for effective digital experience

Digital strategy, search optimization and machine learning support for building intelligent applications.

Use the power of modern technologies and machine learning to build intelligent and intuitive web apps.

Companies spend considerable money and build websites that are not optimized for search engines or do not have the information structured in a way that users can relate to when visiting

They want to engage their audience but their digital presence lacks intelligence that have become a basic expectation from their users given what they see elsewhere at Google, Facebook, etc.

We work with your development teams to infuse this knowledge and intelligence in your site and apps. 

How we can help

Digital Strategy

Experienced hats help you with your digital strategy and execution end to end starting from developing your online presence, to getting traffic using owned, earned and paid media and continuously optimizing the experience for engagement and sales online. We work with your teams to help you build great digital experiences.

Apps & Algorithms
for Experience

Elastic Search, Collaborative Filtering, Geo Location based Personalization, Recommendation Engines, Machine Learning based Digital Trigger, Application Performance Monitoring. If you have heard any of these terms and were wondering how to get that for your digital asset, then we can partner with your development team and get you there.


Digital Triggers and Lead Scoring have become popular methods to increase the efficiency of your interactions with prospects across online and offline channels. We can help with the setup overall or just with the algorithms to drive these optimizations.

Let's talk about how Marketale can help you across your Digital Transformation & Platform Intelligence requirements