Digital Marketing Analytics for lifting your revenues from digital marketing

Digital Marketing Analytics

Decrease your cost per acquisition by 15%+

We identify leaks in your digital marketing funnel and help you seal them to prevent wastage

Get more sales / conversions from your Pay per Click (PPC/AdWords) and Display advertising efforts

At any given point, a business with a sizeable PPC budget can reduce wasted spends in their PPC account that does not get any sales at all.

These could be due to bidding for keywords that are not relevant, ads that do not convert, landing pages that are disjointed or audiences that are not worth going after.

Also, there are always lots of opportunities to improve your quality score (decreasing cost per click vs. competitors) and increasing impression share.

How we can help

Campaign & Conversion Tracking Setup

Are you assigning all your campaign traffic correctly in your analytics tool and being able to distinguish what came and converted from which channel? Do you have conversion tracking setup and are you able to assign and pass value for each conversion event? If not, we can help set this right so that you do not waste any more money

Campaign Performance Dashboard

Multiple media channels (Adwords, Facebooak, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) sending loads of traffic to multiple landing pages after displaying various ads. How do you know which one works best and is responsible for sales? How do you know how which campaign, ad copy or keyword should be paused? Get all answers from us in a nice, shareable dashboard with insights.

Machine learning based Campaign Optimization

So much can happen over digital marketing channels with traffic coming from all quarters and flying to different parts of your site. We optimize it on the fly using machine learning that helps you attribute the revenue to your channels as well as suggest bid optimizations that drive efficiencies at scale

Let's talk about how Marketale can help you across your Digital Marketing Analytics requirements