Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your online sales by 30%+

Most websites do not have a traffic problem. They have a conversion problem.

If you have never done this before, we can guarantee a 30%+ increase in sales through these efforts

You can get far more conversions / sales from existing traffic hitting your site organically or through paid mediums.
We identify optimization opportunities through a detailed study of your analytics data, deploying heat map, session recording and other such tools and analysing them in depth.
These lead to making changes to your site, one at a time, testing each change with current version and noting results of the experiments along the way. One by one, through these tests, we make your site more efficient and increase your online sales.

How we can help

Conversion Tracking Audit

We check your web analytics setup to ensure that it is meeting industry standards. If not, we enhance it to get there before getting started on conversion rate optimization.


We deploy tools (we use our own proprietary one though there are several out there!) to collect heat map data on your key pages to provide visual clues on where your visitors are engaging or missing out on call to actions.

Session Recording

We deploy tools (again, we use our own proprietary one though there are several out there!) to video record each visitor session so that we can filter and play the important ones later to unearth insights on blockages in your site and app preventing visitors from engaging or buying.

Testing and Optimization

We identify online test ideas and implement a/b tests. We help with the design of the new experience and use tools to send a sample traffic from a page to the new page and check results. If the new design is working, we make it the default design and move ahead to another such test and so on. For basic tests, we can use our own tool. For complex tests we can rely on Adobe Target, Optimizely or VWO.


Not all fingers are alike and so goes your visitors. Best to personalize your site for each visitor segment or even better for each visitor! We can help you implement this using various tools and technologies that are available.

Let's talk about how Marketale can help you across your Conversion Optimization requirements