Clickstream Data Analytics using Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Clickstream Data Analytics

Join digital clickstream data with your customer data for deeper insights. Our tracker collects all web activity at big data scale and joins with your customer data for analytics.

Get granular, unsampled web analytics data without any headache of tagging

Clickstream data can be collected within your cloud and integrated with your customer and other channel data to enable integrated analysis

Organizations often need to access their granular clickstream data for attaching it with customer data or multi channel data for end to end analysis

Most premium web analytics tools require you to fetch clickstream and process it in your warehouse for linking with customer data

Organizations want to maintain privacy of their internal customer data and cannot send personal data to cloud web analytics providers. We can help you solve the clickstream puzzle and still maintain customer data privacy.

Enabling Quick Digital Customer Insights

No Tagging Auto Tracker

Our JavaScript tracker collects granular event data at scale without the need to tag each event separately. This also saves you from re-tagging elements every time you make changes to the site or app. We collect and process all this data at scale within your cloud or on premise and make it available in your hands for analysis.

Customer Data Integration

We integrate digital clickstream data collected using our tracker with your customer creating your own Customer ID Graph. Since this is done within your own cloud or on premise, there is no threat to customer data privacy. We can also integrate your digital data with other channel interactions using any joining key.

BI Interface & Analytics Support

The processed data is available for analysis using a Business Intelligence interface for self service. Our team can also pitch in and support for analysis based on your custom needs. We can also help develop predictive behavioral models from your digital data using machine learning to assist your cross sell & up sell efforts.

Our Clients

Case Study

Case study demonstrating usage of auto tagging methodology to gather clickstream data quickly and analyzing it using visualizations

  • Background

    A BFSI client wanted to better understand the online application journey of prospects visiting its site.

  • Approach & Analysis

    We deployed our auto tracker & quickly gathered data for analysis without needing any event tags. We could analyze the journeys, forms & calculators to pinpoint what was holding sales online. We provided session recordings 'showing' where visitors were stuck.

  • Impact

    The analysis informed their journey re-design efforts & lead to a significant lift in online sales & visitor conversion without increasing digital marketing spends.

  • sankey diagram journey analysis
  • form analytics
  • screen recording

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